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Arab Regional Preparatory Meeting for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) - Cairo, Egypt - October 2011


ECO-CITIES FORUM  - Marseille, France - October 2011



  Regional Preparatory Meeting Series for Rio+20: Meeting on “Economic Policies Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Arab Region” - UN House - Beirut, Lebanon - July 2011
Workshop on Launching Focus Project of the Regional Network of the National Cleaner Production Centers in the Middle East and North Africa - Tunis - June 2011
First Conference on the Fight against Desertification in Lebanon- Beirut, Lebanon - June 2011
Executive Committee of the global network for RECP-Net - Vienna, Austria - March 2011
3rd Rountable Meeting on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Arab Region "Paving the path to Green Economy in the Arab Region"- Cairo, Egypt - January 2011
Regional Workshop on Trade and Environment: Developing the Environmental Goods and Services Sectors in the Arab Region for Tranformation into Green Economy - Beirut, Lebanon - December 2010
ECO MEDA Green Forum - Barcelona, Spain - November 2010
E-Waste Management Forum: Green Business Opportunities - Marrakech, Morocco - November 2010
Promoting Responsible Production and Ressource Efficiency in SME's (PRE-SME) Toolkit - Cairo, Egypt - June 2010
Global Partneship for Sustainble Tourism : Sustainable Tourism Strategies and Policies to contribute to a Green Economy - Cairo, Egypt - June 2010
6 ARSCP Meeting on: Sustainable Consumption and Production as a Vehicle for Green Economic Development in Africa - Cairo, Egypt - June 2010

6th Meeting of the Advisory Committee to the Marrakech Process - New York, USA - May 2010

Launching of UAE National Cleaner Production Centre  (UAE-NCPC) - Dubai, UAE - May 2010

Promoting SMEs Sector Participation in Implementing Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy Projects- ESCWA Meeting - Beirut, Lebanon - April 2010

UNIDO – UNEP Resource Efficient & Cleaner Production (RECP) Programme – Meeting on RECP Knowledge Management System in the Arab Region - Amman, Jordan - March 2010

5th Meeting of the Advisory Committee to the Marrakech Process - Bali, Indonesia - February 2010


2nd Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Consumption & Production in the Arab Region - Cairo, Egypt- September 2009


Competitiveness and Innovation through Green Products and Processes - Cairo, Egypt- May 2009

Regional Forum on the Investment Climate in the Southern Mediterranean Region and the Middle East”- Rabat, Morocco - March 2009

E-waste Management Forum: “Circulating Success”- Cairo, Egypt- February 2009



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