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The dissemination seminar for the Textile sector and others was held at the IRI on the 9th of March 2010.

During the seminar, In-plant demonstrations of the Textile sector and others were presented and relative manuals were distributed to the participants. The manuals detailed the CP methodology and techniques in general and their application at the Textile SME’s in particular. In addition they summarized the successful stories of the SME’s that participated with the LCPC, shedding the light on the savings they achieved in energy, water and other raw materials consumption.

During the ceremony, certificates were distributed to 4 SME’s from the textile sector and 2 SME’s from the Agro-food sectors that applied the CP concept in their industries as well as to five CP experts that have participated in latest In-plant demonstration organized by the LCPC.

The Companies that applied CP:

  • Bycop sal - Textile Sector
  • Bodon Group - Textile Sector
  • Trico Orient Star - Textile Sector
  • Martina - Textile Sector
  • Sonaco Al Rabih - Agro Food Canning Sector
  • Olive Trade - Olive Oil Processing

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